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Church Roof Works
Road closure Tuesday 4 June.

Apologies for sending out a second email today, but we’ve just received an urgent request from Revd Richard Frank to publicise the very necessary  arrangements for making the church roof safe, which involve a road closure.  If you use the part of Northcote Road between Haliburton Road and Newry Road, please make sure you read the full details on the link below.



Dear Neighbours

Many will know about the lost tiles last Friday night from the church roof (turns out, most likely, to have been caused by a Police Helicopter!!)…

We need (of course) to fix the damage and have to bring in an enormous cherry-picker to do that as swiftly as possible on Tuesday next week (4th June).

We’re embarrassed that this work will cause fuss and inconvenience… Sorry!

Please read my letter and all the details here online: 

Richard Frank (Rev) – Vicar


Residents’ Meeting

To talk about the arrangements for the Big Lunch: Wednesday 5 June at 155 HALIBURTON ROAD at 7/30pm.  


Dates for your diary

16 June 2019 – Big Lunch
22 June 2019 – River Celebration Day
31 August 2019 – Grand Annual Street Sale
12 October 2019 – International Food Day (provisional)



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Fraudster Alert

A  general warning about people knocking on your door with stories of woe which lead inevitably to requests for money for taxis,  Also people who say your roof needs fixing or try to sell you fish (yes, really).  If you don’t know the person, it is much more likely that this is one of several known local fraudsters.  Don’t be intimidated and do contact the police.  These people prey on your goodwill.   


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