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Carol Singing tomorrow! – Full details

As mentioned in the last newsletter, the Association has received a licence from the local police to hold its regular charity carol singing on 15 December.

This must be carried out under Covid-19 guidelines. Please read the below if you’d like to take part, either by:

General Information

1. If you are Singing or Collecting, please meet at the corner of Haliburton and Northcote Road at 5.30pm on 15 December. Please ensure that you social distance and have a mask in your possession which preferably should be worn unless singing.

2. We propose to follow the usual route, from the Church up Haliburton Road to a little way past the junction with Heron Road, then across to Newry and back down again. We calculate that there will be gaps of 10-12 minutes between stops. So we expect to reach the Heron/Haliburton Road junction by about 6.15pm, and half way down Newry Road by about 6.40pm.

3. At each stop we will sing two or three songs. The first will, we hope, attract your attention and the other one or two, well, perhaps you’d like to join in from the front of your houses. You can find the words here Carols They will fit on four pages if downloaded as a Word file.

4. Although we hope we can have a bit of fun, there is a more serious objective here, and that is to raise funds for the local food bank. If you feel able to contribute, you can do this in two ways:
a. By placing notes and coins in the collection buckets which will be carried around.
b. By contributing electronically via (this link) .

5. If you are collecting, please remember:
a. An adult must be in charge of the collection bucket at all times. uk.virginmoneygiving.com/NSMRA
b. As you will be knocking on doors, please ensure you have a mask on at all times.
c. The protocol is to knock on doors, and then retire to a social distance, leaving the bucket accessible to the resident, and to collect it when the resident has retired.

6. Singers will be in groups of no more than 6 and will keep a safe distance from each other. If you would like to sing:
a. Please print out the words!
b. Please turn up to the rendezvous point on time or catch us up.

7. Children are welcome to take part, but a responsible adult must ensure that they respect social distancing.

8. Please remember that infections in our area are still rising and that we share responsibility for our own and others’ safety. If you want to listen, please do so from your front area.

9. Volunteers are still welcomed:
a. To sing or play an instrument. Please use the Contact us form.
b. To collect. The terms of the licence forbid anyone under the age of 16 to collect, but younger residents may assist an adult so long as the adult has custody of the collection box. Please use the  . Collectors should observe social distancing as above.

For obvious reasons we won’t be able to do the mulled wine and mince pies this year. Reminder: Meeting point at 5.30pm on the corner of Haliburton and Northcote.

And more Christmassy yet

Keep an eye out for the wonderful local window advent calendars all around our streets.

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