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Car Break-In

The person that broke into the car on Northcote Road did so by use of a remote controlled key – there was no forced entry.  The car was a Land Rover, and we know from a couple of years ago that these and BMWs are especially vulnerable to this type of break in.

The individual believed to be responsible was spotted checking out cars around 11.30pm, actually in a resident’s driveway very close to where the break-in occurred.

Stolen Bike 

We have also had a report of a bike stolen from Eve Road and sold very quickly on the Shpock App.  The bike is a Focus Cayo Ultegra model 2015.  If anyone has seen this bike or knows people who use the app, perhaps you could alert them to the fact that it has been stolen.  Police are obviously aware of the situation.

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Attempted break-in caught on nest cam

A resident on Newry Road caught an attempted break-in on their nest cam a couple of weeks ago.  A man, white, dressed in waterproof coat, blue hat, small backpack, was seen approaching the front door in broad daylight and attempted to open the door by rattling the lock.  He was then seen looking around the ground for any obvious place that a key might be hidden.  

Luckily he was not successful, but it is a warning not to leave keys anywhere they might be found.

Car Break-in Northcote Road

A Land Rover was broken into last night (Friday) on Northcote Road and valuables were stolen.  The valuables were not on display so this was an unfortunate hit, but a good reminder not to leave anything in the car, even out of sight.  We know from repeated incidents that our cars are regularly tested at night up and down the road, so please be vigilant with possessions and locking up.

Dodgy-looking man hanging around the Lock Bridge

A suspicious looking man was spotted acting very strangely around the Lock Bridge on Thursday evening.  A resident reported it to 101 even though there was a very long delay on the phone (well done for being persistent!).

Although by the time it was reported there was nothing the police could do at that time, it is really important to continue to report these incidents as the police can only act on information given to them and have specifically asked us to help them to build a profile of the area.




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