Kilmorey Mausoleum open day – 29 April 2018

On Sunday, 29th April 2018 Kilmorey Mausoleum and its wildlife garden will be open to the public from 9.00am to 3.00pm. The address is 275 St Margarets Road, TW1 1PN, Twickenham (opposite the Ailsa Tavern).

Jack Kilmorey and his girlfriend Priscilla are not perhaps the most entertaining of hosts. You certainly wouldn’t go to their place for an evening of Trivial Pursuits and exotic cocktails – but they are consistent when it comes to hospitality. Their solid bronze front door is often open to the public and although the resulting welcome might not be as warm as hoped it is definitely reliable. Their home is worth a visit too – designed and built in ‘pharaonic’ style by an Egyptologist and reputed to be a genuine Victorian Time Machine! It sits in a large bee friendly, walled wildlife garden lovingly tended by Jack and Priscilla’s friends.

Drop by for a visit and you’ll hear stories of scandal, hidden tunnels and travels through time and space but you’ll never hear any bitchy comments from Jack and Priscilla about the neighbours, parking permits or endless descriptions of their holiday home in Tuscany, but that’s not surprising because they have both been dead for over 100 years. Now some couples might see this as a bit of a handicap but time travelling Jack and Priscilla are still very much in touch with our world. Like most of us they are alarmed by reports that over the last 50 years over half of UK plant species have declined. Now they have decided to do something about it.

On Sunday 29th April they are running their first Plant Sale for Wildlife in their Kilmorey Mausoleum Garden. There will be a wide range of plants on sale to encourage and sustain local wildlife including annuals, biennials, perennial, herbs and many more. Whether you have a huge garden or tiny outside space, there will be plenty of bargain plants to get your gardens growing. Local beekeepers will also be providing an opportunity for you to meet their busy buddies. There will be something for all the family to enjoy!

The plant sale will be combined with the mausoleum’s Open Day so as well as buying some plants you can also explore the wildlife garden and have a look inside the mausoleum to meet Jack and Priscilla in their leather covered designer coffins and hear of a love story that transcended time, space and Victorian morals as well.

More Information
First 50 visitors will get a free pack of ‘bee friendly wildflower seeds’!
Entry is £2 which includes refreshments, tour of the mausoleum and wildlife garden.
Delicious homemade cakes will be available.
All proceeds will support the Environment Trust’s nature and heritage conservation work.
Unrestricted parking in nearby streets all day!
Jack and Priscilla need your help!
Whether you are an experienced gardener or still developing your green-fingers, we need your help!

Would you be interested in growing and donating some plants for our plant sale?
Have you organised a plant sale yourself in the past and would like to give us the benefit of your experience?
Or you might like to help us on the day?
If you would like to help or need more details please Email: or call our office on 07860 878462.

– from Martyn Day

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