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Hi I’m Stephen Lloyd, your new Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator – my contact detail is neighbourhoodwatch@nsmra.org
I have taken over from Jean Feord – a very hard act to follow. At NSMRA we would all like to thank Jean for the tremendous job she has done for the past years.
I attended the St Margaret’s and North Twickenham Police Liaison Group meeting week before last and will circulate the minutes of that in a second newsletter. One of the key topics discussed was that the policing of our area underwent a significant change in May. At this point I do not have an organisation chart of the new structure but an explanatory letter from Inspector Simon Ross is replicated the end of this newsletter.

We can expect monthly summaries of crimes in the area (June summary below) to continue which I will distribute via a newsletter – thanks to Eugenia Venour, our Police Community Officer.

One particularly unpleasant incident occurred this month on the corner of Orchard Road and St Margaret’s Road at approximately 3:10pm. A lady was on her way to pick up her children and a man on a bicycle ran into her from behind. She had just been using her phone and felt the cyclist was after it. He pushed her onto the brick wall after she challenged him but shouted at her to calm down.  He continued to nudge her with his bike as she attempted to cross the road.  When she challenged him again he told her to “chill out love”.  He then moved slightly away and only really cycled away towards the A316 when he realised our neighbour was acknowledged by other parents.

At the PLG meeting two other cycle group related incidents in the area were reported and the police.

We have been advised by the police that we must report such incidents as these are logged and decisions made about level of policing in our area is based on reported incidents.

JUNE 2018 – Crime figures – St Margaret’s and North Twickenham Ward

Burglary Residential Martineau Drive Victim property locked and secure unsure how someone has gained access to property and several items taken. No suspects seen. On this occasion no damage and person has targeted this item. Possibly someone with legal access taken advantage
Burglary Residential Martineau Drive Unknown suspect climbing onto balcony at the rear of the house opening an unlocked door. No burglary has actually taken place and the French door has been identified as having a faulty lock. The footage shows the shadow of a suspect standing on the balcony at the rear of the address and opening the French doors. The alarm is then activated and the suspect makes off without entering the property.
Burglary Residential Old Lodge,
St Margaret’s Road
Theft of bike that was in the bike shed in car park On-going investigation.
Burglary Commercial Restaurant,
St Margaret’s Road
Unknown suspects break into venue damaging door. Then stole till from inside. CCTV footage of suspects.
Burglary Commercial Off Licence, St Margaret’s Road Suspect approached venue ground front door hit once with a dot hammer, then kicked glass panel 2/3 times and gained access once inside stole contents of till and a bottle of alcohol then left venue through same door. The events are caught from the store CCTV, however there are no distinguishing features for the suspect.
Burglary Commercial Ailsa Road Victim had their building site broken into and their tools stolen from inside. Footprints preserved for forensic team.
Theft from Motor Vehicle Winchester Road Theft of Number plate On-going investigation.
Theft from Motor Vehicle Martineau Drive By two suspect opening car door which was apparently unlocked and searching car glove box removing property. CCTV footage of suspects.
Theft of Motor Vehicle Heathfield South Victim parked his motorbike on the drive for 15 or so minutes and when he came out it had been taken by unknown suspects. On-going investigation.

The Letter from Inspector Ross:

Dear Neighbourhood Watch Member,

I am writing to you to make you aware of some changes that have occurred recently. As some of you may be aware the Metropolitan Police Service are changing the way we operate; moving from 32 individual boroughs to 12 Basic Command Units (BCU’s). On 23rd May Richmond joined with Wandsworth, Kingston and Merton to become the South West BCU. Although a significant change I would like to assure you that neighbourhood policing is still a priority, that you will not see a drop in service and that each ward will continue to have two Police Constables and one PCSO dedicated to it.

As part of the merger I have moved from Wandsworth and have taken responsibility for neighbourhood policing within Richmond. Just to briefly give you an insight into my background I have previously worked within response policing, investigations, custody, safeguarding and neighbourhoods. Although I have not worked within Richmond before I have experience working within the South West having worked at Kingston, Hounslow and Wandsworth.

The other reason for writing is to let you know that, going forward, we will no longer be able to send the weekly crime figures we previously provided. There are several reasons for this and I wanted to explain the decision but also make you aware of what we can still offer.

Previously we were provided with the weekly crime figures broken down into wards. This meant we were able to disseminate the information to relevant NHW coordinators. We are no longer provided with these figures and instead are just provided with the overall borough figures. As such it would take a considerable amount of time to search our systems and identify the crimes on each ward. The PCSO who originally completed this work is now operational again and fortunately we have very few non-operational officers within neighbourhoods for Richmond and Twickenham. This is obviously a positive as it means our officers are out working in the community but it does mean I am unable to dedicate anyone to completing this time-consuming work.

The MPS do provide data on their website for individual wards. It is not weekly but it is updated monthly so should still provide you, and your fellow Neighbourhood Watch members, with useful information. The two links below offer you the opportunity to look up crime figures for your ward:

  • www.met.police.uk/a/your-area/ – This link allows you to input your postcode and get basic crime figures and bespoke crime prevention advice depending on the issues affecting your ward.
  • www.met.police.uk/sd/stats-and-data/ – This link takes you to our stats and data page. Here you can access a wide range of information including the crime data dashboard. The dashboard allows you to look at crime figures for the entire borough or individual wards. The dashboard allows you to search individual crime types, should you want to focus on specific crimes, and allows you to look at data across your chosen time period. The data goes back eight years so you can search crime figures over a long period of time to identify trends or you can just focus on the previous month to identify what has been happening recently within your ward.

I would also highlight that, although you will no longer be getting the weekly crime data broken down into streets, our teams search crimes within their wards every day they are on duty. If they identify crime trends, be it offence types or locations, they will pass this information on to the Neighbourhood Watch Coordinators so it can then be cascaded to all Neighbourhood Watch members. As such you will still be kept up to date with relevant information affecting their roads.
Whilst I understand you may have concerns that the weekly figures will no longer be sent out I hope you understand why we are no longer able to provide them and that the links provided help alleviate some of your concerns. I do believe that the links provide more usable data as the first includes prevention advice relevant to the crime figures and the second provides access to a much larger data set allowing you to search trends and crime types as well as providing up to date figures.
Lastly I would just like to thank you for your continued involvement and contribution to the Neighbourhood Watch program. Without your dedication to your communities we would not be able to achieve our goal of being the safest borough in London.

Yours sincerely,

Inspector Simon Ross



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101: to report something that has happened or a suspicious circumstance not amounting to an emergency

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