Attempted garage break-in and Footbridge Meeting

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Happy new year to you all!

i have had a report from a resident of St Margarets Road that she disturbed an attempted break in to her garage at approximately 3.15 in the afternoon on the 9th January.  The man also attempted to break into the garage next door and according to the resident, didn’t seem to be remotely bothered that he was observed/disturbed in the process.

he was wearing blue jeans, black jacket and a black woollen hat and headed off in the Isleworth direction.

The incident has been reported to the police. If you experience anything similar, please also report it.

Footbridge meeting
there was a further meeting at the church this week with police and councillors.  The outcome will be a series of measures that will help to try to discourage mopeds from using the Footbridge and therefore making Northcote Road an easy cut through/escape.

one of the key issues, however, is that the police rely on residents to report all incidents.  This allows them to build up profiles of activity and potential repeat offenders, even if we do not see an immediate resolution to a problem.  

So please, call 101 to report something, call 999 if a crime is happening right now.

if you don’t report, there is little that can be done about reducing crime.  As a community we need to be decisive and proactive.

please email me after the event but don’t wait for me to do something about it – by that time it is too late!



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999: emergencies or where a crime is actually going on

101: to report something that has happened or a suspicious circumstance not amounting to an emergency

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