The North St Margarets community (Northcote, Newry, Heron, Haliburton, Talbot and St Margarets roads) along with some neighbours in Eve Road across the Crane, are banding together in this time isolation and distancing to support each other and our community. Neighbours have stepped forward to offer support to those who might need it. The NSMRA is providing communications and support towards that effort.

The area has been divided into smaller sections, so people are being supported by their near-by neighbours.

Leaflets are being dropped through letterboxes with the names and numbers of the people who are coordinating support for each area. Please keep that note somewhere safe, like on your fridge door.

If you don’t have it, see Contact below to get in touch with your group.


If you need assistance in any form, please call or message one of the names on the list or see Contact details below. If you live alone, or are in an at-risk group, let one of us know so we can keep an eye on you.

Support could be anything from daily paper to grocery shopping to medicine delivery to a friendly chat.


If you are able bodied and feel you may be able to help, please contact one of the volunteers or use the Contact below to get your name added to the list. We don’t know what the future may bring, so all help is very welcome.


For anything about this situation, including requests for support, offers of help or any questions you think we may be able to answer, send an email to including your house number and street, your phone number and a brief summary of your query, and one of our volunteers will contact you as soon as they can.

Or call 020 3137 6874.


We have a newsletter that is usually sent every month or two with community news. It’s easy to subscribe and unsubscribe, and may be the best way to quickly learn any important news that the committee has to share at this time. You can sign up for it here.