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This site is dedicated to our local Neighbourhood Watch within NSMRA - the North St Margaret’s Residents’ Association. This page contains the latest crime figures for our ward, monthly dates for Contact Point sessions and other meetings, plus the latest awareness information for our area. There is more information on all of these plus advice and contacts if you follow the menu accessible top right of this page.

The site has been expanded to include Covid-19 related information shared by our local authorities.

NSMRA information can be found on the association's site by clicking here.

Reporting a Crime

In An Emergency

Dial 999 for emergencies or where a crime is actually going on. Remember to ensure you are safe to call, if not, get to a safe position then make the call.

When It Is Not An Emergency

Dial 101: to report something that has happened or a suspicious circumstance not amounting to an emergency.

Other Ways To Contact Our local Police

Please always report any crime to the police. They have advised that all reported crime will be added to their statistics and will reflect on their level of policing of our neighbourhood. If they do not know crime is occuring they cannot be expected to allocate resources to us.

Use The Metropolitan Police Website

Or use the Metropolitan Police Website - Go to "https://www.met.police.uk"


You can also use the Crimestoppers website and number (0800 555 111) which is anonymous should you not wish to give your name.

Safer Neighbourhood Team

Our local Police Safer Neighbourhood Team has their own website which you can access here

Their email is stmargarets.northtwickenham.snt@met.police.uk or by a telephone message on 020 8247 7142. Please note these are not manned 24/7 and should not be used for emergencies.

Reporting Scams and Phishing

If you spot a scam or have been scammed, please report it and get help. Contact Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or online at actionfraud.police.uk.

If you believe you have been scammed you may need to contact your Bank to report it or prevent payment occuring. You cna find some contacts for Banks here.

Keep Neighbourhood Watch In The Loop

Please let us know as we can keep our local community informed, via neighbourhoodwatch@nsmranw.org We use both Twitter and email newsletters, as well as this website, to spread information and warnings to our local community. Do remember that contacting us is not an reason to not report something. We are not an aternative to contacting the police.

Latest News and Awareness

Here is the latest news on trends and scams to be aware of. More scams and things to be wary of are on our "Awareness" page.

Door to Door Sellers

From the Crime Report below you can see there was an issue with the door to door salesmen who frequently come into our area. This is the second report we have had of them in just a few weeks.

The two males were under an influence and very aggressive when the resident did not buy anything.

They were in the area from 3:45 to 4:15 Tuesday afternoon this week, September 29th - if you have any video footage of that time please do share with the Police direct by stmargarets.northtwickenham.snt@met.police.uk or with us via neighbourhoodwatch@nsmranw.org

They were carrying large trays with goods, entering Newry Road from Northcote Road and leaving via Heron Road.

Descriptions :

- 1 white male blonde hair, clean shaven, white t-shirt and jeans aged about 20, 5' 9" with a slim build
- 1 black male, tall, at 6’2”, also clean shaven, he had a cap on, dark clothes.

Our Safer Neighbourhood Team has given us this advice:

* Do not to engage with them as they are believed to be addicts.
* Encourage residents not to buy anything from them.
* If they start getting aggressive, call the police on 999.

As soon as we knew they were in the area a Tweet was sent out – if you want to follow us to receive such warnings the link is here

NHS Track and Trace Application

NHS TRack and Trace logo

Please download and use the application

The Track and Trace application has arrived. We would like to encourage everyone to use it as it protects the community as a whole. It is simple to use and like any application, will only improve with use and feedback. You can download via clicking here to go to the links on the NHS website where you can find downloads from Google Play, Apple App Store and also report any issues to the developer.

Community Conversation

The Community Conversation is the Council’s engagement programme.

It gives residents and businesses an opportunity to meet their local ward councillors via borough wide events and have their say on what matters to them locally and specific issues via a series of themed discussions. The last one had interesting discussions on local issues, distancing and really gave the public a chance to see the councillors "in action", regardless of if you agreed or disagreed with them.

These are video meetings and free to attend. We will be there should you not wish to attend but have a question raised.

Details are:

St Margaret’s And North Twickenham and Twickenham Riverside
Tuesday 13 October 2020 at 6.30pm
To register:www.richmond.gov.uk/community_conversation

Electric Scooters

To help with any confusion on the use of electronic scooters, on pavement or road, please click here. They are still illegal outside ongoing trials.

Don't Click it

Spam icon

This campaign is a timely reminder for all not to click automatically on mails or texts containing links to your accounts. Please see the Met Police guidance here. It is worth noting that Santander have been running online awareness sessions to help cut down fraud to their customers, so do consider asking your own bank if they do similar.

Stop, Challenge, Protect

Stop hand

Click here to see the latest inofrmation from the Police about preventing fraud.

Latest Monthly Crime Figures For Our Area

September 2020 Reported Crime

Theft from motor vehicle Moormead Road Wed 26 Aug overnight. Catalytic converter stolen from a Lexus.
Criminal damage to motor Vehicle Old Lodge Place, St Margaret’s Road Between 23-26Aug. Criminal damage to motor vehicle parked in the communal car park.
Theft of cycle The Barons, St Margaret’s Road Between 23-26 Aug. Suspect cut through the chain of the lock and stole bike chained to railings outside property.
Theft of cycle Gordon Avenue Thu 27 Aug overnight. Suspect used method unknown to disable the lock securing his bike and remove it.
Burglary - shed Court Way Fri 28 Aug. Theft of bicycles from back garden shed.
Theft from motor vehicle Northcote Road Sun 30 Aug. By suspect gaining entry to vehicle by means unknown, no damage and removing items.
Burglary - commercial St Margaret’s Road Sat 29 Aug overnight. By suspect breaking into shop to remove the cash from within. Forensic opportunities.
Burglary - commercial St Margaret’s Road Sat 29 Aug overnight. Property broken into via back door.
Attempted burglary - commercial Crown Road Sun 30 Aug overnight. Criminal damage to rear door. Double glazed outer pane glass smashed by persons but no entry gained into property.
Theft of cycle St Margaret’s Road Mon 31 Aug while on holidays. Bike locked and secured was stolen from bike rack.
Other theft Latham Road Mon 31 Aug overnight. Food parcel stolen from front door.
Criminal damage Court Way Mon 31 Aug overnight. By unknown person scratching the side of the victim's car using an unknown implement.
Burglary dwelling Martineau Drive Tue 1 Sep at 0100hrs. Suspect gained access to the address via the garden, returned twice more and on the second occasion stole pedal cycle from the rear garage.
Theft of cycle Winchester Road Tue 1 Sep overnight. Suspect has cut hedge in order to steal victim's bicycle.
Attempted Robbery Person Cassilis Road Tue 1 Sep at 1920hrs. A teenager victim was asked to empty pockets by group of youths. Victim ran away dropping his gold chain which he saw suspects pick up.
Theft from motor vehicle Sidney Road Fri 4 Sep overnight. Victim states van has been broken into and tools have been stolen.
Burglary - dwelling Kilmorey Gardens Thu 10 Sep while on holidays. Suspect(s) have gained entry to rear enclosed garden over fences. Kitchen panel door was forced open and some items stolen before they were possibly disturbed.
Criminal damage to motor vehicle Talma Gardens Sat 12 Sep at 1015 hrs. By suspect known to police attempting to steal from a motor vehicle. Suspect arrested.
Motor vehicle interference Talbot Road Between 10-13 Sep. Land rover broken into keyless.
Attempted burglary dwelling Haliburton Road Sun 20 Sep between 2330-2430 hrs. Suspect attempted to break into property via a front bay window. CCTV opportunity.
Attempted bicycle theft Moormead Road Tue 22 Sep between 1600-1800hrs. Suspect attempted to steal locked bicycle outside front garden by damaging D-lock.
Theft from motor vehicle Cole Park Road Wed 23 Sep overnight. Vehicle broken into and valuables stolen.
Other theft Heathfield North Sat 26 Sep at 0210hrs. Male seen on CCTV trying to get into vehicle and then stealing trainers from front porch.
Vehicle interference Whitton Road Sun 27 Sep at 0300hrs. Suspect attempted to steal vehicle keyless.
Public order Newry Road Tue 29 Sep at 1600hrs. Male caused intentional harassment/ alarm/ distress by threatening to fight the victim after knocking on doors trying to sell household items.

Registering for OWL

Richmond upon Thames Community Safety Partnership would like to invite you to sign up to Online Watch Link (OWL), the Community Messaging Service. Going forward, OWL is going to be used as the primary tool by the Community Safety Partnership (including the police and the Council) for sending , receiving and sharing information to help keep the borough, residents and property safe. Owl members can now expect updates on COVID19 initiatives and actions, crime alerts, fraud prevention tips, etc.

It is free and easy to join,your details are kept secure and is already operating in many other London boroughs including Ealing, Hounslow and Harrow. Richmond and Wandsworth have signed up this year.

Sign up is via on https://www.owl.co.uk/met/ after which you will start receiving community safety messages.

Your Neighbourhood Watch representative is STEPHEN LLOYD. Contact him by email at neighbourhoodwatch@nsmranw.org or by telephone 07813 320606

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