Local Meetings

There are a number of meetings held pertaining to our area that would be useful to attend.

Our local Community Police Officers hold informal face to face sessions where you can drop in to discuss local issues with them. These are known as Contact Points. They are generally held around St Margaret’s centre, often Hoole and Hall coffee shop or Moor Mead Park. For now due to COVID19 they will be open air in Moormead Park.

The Police Liaison Group meets several times a year across the ward. Recent meetings have been held in the Twickenham Exchange, the RFU stadium and St Margaret’s Catholic Church. The police present a summary on crime in the area from which questions can be raised. The meeting is key on setting objectives within our ward.

The London Borough of Richmond Upon Thames Safer Neighbourhood Board meets several times a year. Rather than ward level this is more on policing within the Borough. The police representation tends to be at Superintendent level and they answer questions on crime as a whole, not individual cases.

All are welcome to the meetings.

Contact Point Meetings

Contact Point Meetings will be held in Moormead Park by the buildings not far from the tennis courts and play area on the following dates:

Sat 10th October 12:00-13:00
Sat 17th October 12:00-13:00
Wed 21st October 12:00-13:00

Moormead Park can be found here.

HMoormead Park Map

Police Liaison Group Meetings

The June 2020 public meeting was held as a "virtual" session. The minutes can be found here.

Twickenham Exchange can be found here.

Twickenham Exchange Map

Safer Neighbourhood Board

We are awaiting details of the next meeting. The last was held at York House.

York House can be found here.

York House Map

Your Neighbourhood Watch representative is STEPHEN LLOYD. Contact him by email at neighbourhoodwatch@nsmranw.org or by telephone 07813 320606

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